Like a lot of people, I went to law school because it was the thing to do.  

The programs are so well organized and the community is so incredible that  I'm simply thankful that LLB gave me my life back!

Nik Agharkar

I was anxious about leaving the security of the law behind, but now I earn even more money than I did as a lawyer. My "lawyer" skills have been a perfect fit for these "non-law' jobs - I've been promoted three times and my career growth upside seems limitless... On top of that, I am a much happier, calmer and motivated person. I even look forward to work on Mondays!

Gabe Rothman

I knew within the first month of law school that law wasn't for me.  By following the Modules step by step, I was able to quickly learn and build on Casey’s leave the law concepts with minimal questions or frustration.

Tyler Hinz