The investment...

  • LIFETIME Access

  • 10 self-paced, easy-to-follow coaching modules

  • Monthly group coaching

  • Access to exclusive Members Forum

  • On-demand recordings of all trainings

  • BONUS module- Money Deep Dive

  • BONUS module- Intention setting

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Let's face it...

You're sick and tired of...

  • Feeling trapped and doomed to be a lawyer forever.

  • Feeling incompetent in your role as a lawyer.

  • Doubting your own abilities and skills to the point that you don't ever think they'll be transferable to a job outside of law.

We know what you're thinking:

All I feel I can do is be a lawyer... 

These are common worries. You've spent time, money, blood, sweat and tears to become a lawyer. And now you might feel like you've invested too much of those things to not keep doing it even though you hate your profession. You might have even enjoyed law school, but being a lawyer is the bane of your existence. You may hesitate to leave the law because you feel you don't want to lose your identity as an attorney. 

How will I pay the bills if I'm not an attorney?

Your salary as an attorney is dependent upon a lot of factors, but you probably feel like you couldn't make money ANY other way.  You might even feel like it's simply not possible with your large sum of student debt. You likely feel that you can't make any real money in a job outside of the law. That the only way to make money is to be an attorney. But there are multiple ways you can make as much, or even more, out of the law.

I wouldn't know where to start if I left law...

You feel it in your bones, that being a lawyer is NOT for you, but where would you even start? You've wanted to give it all up and pursue a higher purpose but you're stuck. While many professionals, and especially attorneys like you, may feel bored or frustrated or anxious with their current job, research shows they don't even know where to begin to find a career they love.

And maybe you constantly ask yourself questions like...

  • Can I really be happy in a career out of the law, or is that a pipe dream?

  • Will I burn bridges if I leave the law?

  • Everyone knows me as a lawyer, what if I lose my identity?

  • What would my strengths even be outside the law?

It's possible to leave the law, be successful, and feel better...

You honestly don't have to feel like your law career is sucking your soul. Your future could be as bright as you make it!




Imagine feeling HAPPY and never having "Sunday night anxiety" from your job ever again.

We are unique because we make sure that NOTHING is left to chance for you leaving the law. Our solution helps teach you how to mitigate the fears and self-doubt that are preventing you from leaving the law.

  • Confidently identify the non-law jobs that are your perfect fit for your transferable skills,

  • A proven methodology that has helped hundreds of attorneys get out of the law and make a good living doing something that they LOVE. 

Our results make the difference. Here's what our students say...

I was anxious about leaving the security of the law behind, but now I earn even more money than I did as a lawyer. My "lawyer" skills have been a perfect fit for these "non-law' jobs - I've been promoted three times and my career growth upside seems limitless... On top of that, I am a much happier, calmer and motivated person. I even look forward to work on Mondays!

Gabe Rothman


Construction Litigator Turned

Director of Marketing Optimization

Like a lot of people, I went to law school because it was the thing to do.  

The programs are so well organized and the community is so incredible that  I'm simply thankful that LLB gave me my life back!

Nik Agharkar


Litigator Turned Management

& Strategy Consultant

I knew within the first month of law school that law wasn't for me.  By following the Modules step by step, I was able to quickly learn and build on Casey’s leave the law concepts with minimal questions or frustration.

Tyler Hinz


Estate Planning Attorney Turned Senior

Director of Academic Planned Giving

The goal of the Leave Law Behind program is to help and motivate you to transform your life. This is what's included to help you achieve that...

  • A clear path

  • Monthly live group coaching calls along with personalized & individualized coaching for you directly with Casey to guide you out of the law

  • Access to our Leave Law Behind exclusive Members Forum on Slack

  • Exclusive access to information we send on regular basis to help you on your path

  • Lifetime Access

    Your access to the course and its contents will NEVER expire

  • Access to our exclusive library of "alternative" job resumes and cover letters

  • Immediate access to all modules of the leave behind course and community

What you'll walk away with..

You'll immediately gain access to your "personal GPS", community and proven job search tools to help you find your dream job out of the law

  • 5 core steps to leaving law behind

  • Proven job search tools

  • A supportive community

    Join our supportive community to connect, share ideas, collaborate, be inspired, network and your daily dose of advice from us and other Leave Law Behind members an graduates.  You can also join us in the exclusive Leave Law Behind Members Forum and get access to monthly group coaching and office hours sessions, including the monthly Ask Casey Anything coaching session. You also receive ongoing personalized and individualized coaching directly with founder Casey Berman (he's only an email, direct message or phone call away!)

  • You'll get tips and strategies to learn how to live your "ideal life". You'll learn how to get more done in less time and you'll learn how to put EVERYTHING together and truly get into the "flow". This is life-changing and earth-shattering material that will put you on the path towards a better and more fulfilling life.  


Meet the Leave Law Behind Team

We're obsessed about one thing.  HELPING YOU get out of law and into something you love! Find our stories below!


Casey Berman

Casey Berman (University of California, Hastings College of the Law ’99) is the founder of Leave Law Behind, a career coaching program to help attorneys transition out of the law and land “non-law”, alternative careers.



Leave Law Behind grew out of the reality that not every lawyer should continue to practice law … and that an attorney’s skill set can be applied to other industries to add value. Leave Law Behind helps attorneys who want to leave the law to showcase how their “legal” skills are actually transferable to alternative, non-law job in which they can add value and create a new life for themselves.


Casey Berman graduated University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1999 and after five years of software licensing and transactional work, he left law behind to create a number of different enterprises.


The Hastings career services office asked him to speak about his professional experience in branching out from the law in July 2009 during its summer speaking series. After speaking to a packed room of lawyers and law students, Casey hatched another business idea – Leave Law Behind.


Since then, from his home base in San Francisco, He's been on a mission to help other unhappy, unfulfilled attorneys create their own alternative, dream careers out of the law like he has. He's helped hundreds of people through their course, LEAVE LAW BEHIND.



Head trainer

Adam Oullette

Is this honestly even for me?

This course is obviously for ANYBODY that's actually ready to leave the law profession, however we always want to make sure everyone's a good fit.

  • You're unhappy practicing law

    Law might tick boxes, or give you income, but you still feel unhappy practicing. You wonder why you can't just "learn to like your job" but it's your source of anguish.

  • You're lost on how to begin changing careers

    You feel like you've lost direction. You're tired of floating through life and you can't get your bearings.

  • You feel incompetent in your job as a lawyer

    The feeling of incompetence you have in your job is unbearable and you absolutely hate it. 

  • You KNOW there is a better way to live

    You might know that there's a way out of law, you just don't know which way is the right way. 

  • You know NOW is the time to act

    You know that decisions are meant to be taken and when it comes to your own happiness, the decisions you take are even more important. 

  • You dream about not being a lawyer

    If you literally wake up from dreams about your life out of law, then it goes without saying that this course is for you. We literally have plenty of students in this category!

  • You don't want to do the work

    You think this is going to be easy, and you want everything handed to you.  That type of mindset won't work in this course. You're not a good fit. 

  • Complaining is an artform for you

    We LOVE and value open communication but you won't be successful if you view this community as a place to only vent. 

  • You're looking for a quick fix

    You want results quick and think this is the quick-fix to all of life's problems.  It's not. Life is hard, and while we have some amazing students that have gotten quick results, they've worked incredibly hard to do so. Nothing can fix you but you. 

  • You're chasing shiny objects

    You might not be sure you want to leave your job in law and the idea of this course is something entertaining just like the other 20 courses you purchased last year.  If you lack focus and commitment, this course is not for you. 

  • You'd rather be right than happy

    This course is life changing. We push each other to challenge our beliefs. If you are resistant to being self-reflective, then this course is not for you.

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions? Well, we've got answers!

How do I start to leave the law?

A good place to start is right here on this page. Check out the video at the top of the page that explains, in detail, how to land a dream career outside of the law.

Why can't I do this on my own?

How will I ever find out what non-lawyer job is right for me?

What if I feel I need some one-to-one or group career coaching?

I don't want my boss or anyone to know I'm looking for a job outside of law. Is this program confidential?

Am I too old (or too young) to even consider leaving the law?

Will I be guaranteed to leave the law?

How much time do I have to dedicate to this program?

What if I have no experience with non-law careers, or self-development or career transition?

What happens after I sign up?

What's included in the Leave law Behind course?

Don't let this opportunity pass you by because your life MAY depend on it...

Living in misery or fear is NOT beneficial to you, your health or your family's well-being. Take the decision to change your life for the better.








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